2 Guys, 1 Girl

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

"She's such a fucking HOE, I love it!" Singing along to this very fitting song as I pull into valet at my hotel. I'm an adult model and I travel for work often. Today, I am in beautiful Malibu. I have a nude photoshoot gig for a big magazine. They are paying for travel, the hotel, and the shoot. Since I live in Las Vegas, it was no biggie to drive.

The man who works at the hotel grabbed my bags and assisted me inside. There are a couple guys ahead of me checking in as I wait. They're really cute too. Both of them are tall with a muscular build. I wonder why they're here. I fantasize about their muscles for a moment and they finish up and walk toward me. I move out of their way and check in at the front desk.

My hotel room is BEAUTIFUL! The magazine really made sure I was taken care of. I put all of my bags away and I flop on the bed. My shoot isn't until tomorrow morning and it is still early in the evening. I contemplate and what I am going to do. I look around the room and check for any alcohol that may have been provided. I can just drink and chill in the room for the night. I found a bottle of scotch and some cups but there was no ice. I can't drink scotch without ice.

I grabbed the ice bucket and headed down the hall to the ice machine. When I get there I see those two guys that were checking in earlier! They're both in grey sweat pants and I can see their bulges poking through them. One of them has on a black t shirt and the other has a white one. They look very alike. Both with strong jaws and small round noses. The only difference was one had bright crystal blue eyes and the other had almost an emerald green color to them.

I approach the ice machine and one of the guys said to me, "It's out of ice!"

"Ahh, no way." I said, disappointed.

"Yea, looks like we took the last bucket. We wanted to fill up two!" He joked, waving the other bucket.

"Man, now how am I supposed to enjoy my scotch?" I said under my breath.

"That was our plan too!" The one with the blue eyes said

"Guess, we will have to go to the one on the floor under us" the other one said

"Cool, I am going to tag along."

We get into the elevator and they ask me what I was in town for. I told them that I was a model and I had a shoot for a magazine tomorrow. They told me that was really cool and that they never met a model before. I asked them why they were in town and they said it was for a body workout camp. Makes sense, their muscles are bulging out of their t shirts. We get our ice and head back to our floor.

"Hey, so my name is Mark and this is my good friend Paul"

"Nice to meet you, I am Rachel"

"Well, since we're all friends now, maybe we should hang out tonight?"

I had nothing else to do, I was going to sit in my room alone anyway. "Sure that sounds dope! Do you smoke weed too?"

"Yea" they said at the same time

"Alright, let's go in my room, I can roll us a blunt too"

We head into my room and we all sit on the one king size bed. I pour everyone a drink and I start to roll the blunt.

"So, what kind of modeling do you do?" Asked Paul

"Mainly, adult. Tomorrow it's for a nude magazine."

"Adult, huh?" Mark seemed curious

"Yea, nude, and fetish, some times porn."

"What!" They both screeched.

"Yea, I been known to do a porn or two in my day" I giggled

"Have you ever done a gang bang?" Whoa, that was pretty straight forward but I could already see Paul pouring himself more scotch.

"No, not yet. I want to though."

"Why don't you?" Asked Mark

"Because I haven't had the offer yet!"

"Let's make your first one tonight" laughed Paul, "No, I am just kidding!"

I finished rolling the blunt and I lit it. "Why are you kidding?" I'm a fucking hoe, and I love it. These guys caught my eye the moment I walked into this hotel. I never been fucked by two guys at once and if I was going to, these would be the ones do it. I could see how big their dicks are just through their sweats.

"Stop it." Paul gasped as he grabbed the blunt from me and hit it hard and took a big gulp of his alcohol.

"I'm not kidding. I've never been fucked by two guys before. You can record it on your phones."

They looked at each other, completely shocked. I didn't want to make this awkward so I walked up to Mark who now has the blunt. I grabbed the blunt from him, hit it hard, grabbed his crotch from outside of his sweats, and shot gunned the weed smoke into his mouth. His dick instantly got hard in my hand and I looked over at Paul and told him to grab his phone.

Paul grabbed his phone and started recording. I dropped down to my knees, hit the blunt, and pulled out Marks cock. It was big and hard. 8 inches at least. So thick, the veins poking out of it. Juicy, meaty, cock that I want to shove down my slutty throat. I grabbed it with both hands and started stroking it while sucking the tip. Paul came over with the camera and grabbed the blunt from me. I pulled out Pauls cock and started sucking it too. His dick was just as amazing as Marks, maybe better. It was a little bigger and thicker and very juicy. I had two huge cocks in my hands and I was going to make sure I put on a show.

I stroked both of them at the same time while switching back and forth with my mouth. I suck the tip of each of their cocks then shove them deep down my throat until I choke. I move down to their balls and fit both of them in my mouth and suck hard. I get their cocks sloppy with my spit so I can easily stroke one as I suck the other. As I am sucking their cocks, Paul rips my dress off. He reaches down and sticks 3 fingers inside of my eager wet pussy. He shoves my face hard on Marks cock and he is finger fucking me. Paul moves behind me and sticks his wet big tongue in my tight pussy. I am sucking Marks cock like my life depends on it and Paul is eating my pussy and asshole like it is his last meal. I didn't realize that one of them set the camera on the side desk but when I did, I went to town on Marks cock. I sucked and slobbered and deep throated it. He had to pull me back a couple of times because he was close to cumming. His dick was so hard in my throat I gagged on it every time I slurped it down. Pauls tongue is so far inside of my wet warm pussy that I am soaking his face. Between sucking cock and getting my pussy and ass ate, I am dripping. I can feel my pussy juices covering his mouth and chin.

Mark takes his hard dick out of my throat and picks me up and throws me on the bed. He lays me back and starts eating my pussy from the edge of the bed. Paul ate my pussy amazing, but Mark.... Mark really ate that pussy. He swirled his tongue hard on my clit and sucked my pussy at the same time. He nibbled it and really ATE my pussy. I never felt anything like it. As I am in complete ecstasy from Marks tongue deep in my wet pussy, Paul crawls on the bed and stick his dick down my throat as I am laying on my bed. He sticks it in deep, and I cannot breath. I rather gag on his cock than breath. I am choking and as I am choking my pussy juices are flying into Marks mouth. Paul turns me to my stomach and starts to face fuck me. I thought Mark was going to continue eating my pussy but to my surprise I get a hard, throbbing, uncovered juicy dick slide ride inside of my pussy. It felt so good I let out a yell.

"Omg, your dick feels so good in my fucking pussy" I mumbled with Pauls cock wedged in my mouth. Mark starts fucking me hard. Sliding every inch in and out of my pussy. Getting me wetter and wetter with every stroke. I am choking on Pauls dick, moaning through all of the slobber and gagging. Mark starts to fuck me harder and harder. My pussy is so wet to the point I can feel it dripping onto my thighs. His hard giant cock is now swimming in my pussy. Paul face fucks me harder and my eyes start to water.

"Let me get that pussy now" Paul pulled his cock out of my throat and got off the bed to switch positions. Mark comes over to my face and I start to slowly suck the tip of his dick.

"Shove that cock down your throat, slut" he said under his breath as he pushed my head deep on his cock. I gagged for a second and I felt Pauls huge meaty dick slide in my eager slutty wet pussy.

"Ugh, fuck your pussy is so wet and warm" Paul moaned hard and started banging my tight pussy. Giving me every inch, just as Mark did. My pussy juice is now all over me and all over him, he takes some on his fingers and wipes it on my asshole.

"Can I stick my finger in baby?" he moaned deeply

"Yes, please!" I begged, "How else is Mark going to stick it in my ass?"

As I said that Mark yanked his dick out of my mouth and went to the back of me. Paul was already fingering my ass and getting it nice and warmed up. Paul took his finger out of my ass and while his dick was deep inside of my pussy, I felt Mark rub his soft head on my asshole. He started to poke at it and then the tip was in.

"Ouuuuhhh!!" I moaned loud. If there was anyone in the room next door, they heard that. "Fuck yes, fuck both of my holes!" I yelled

They started fucking me hard and deep in both of my holes. They had a perfect rhythm going. When Mark was buried inside of my tight asshole, Pauls tip was at the opening of my gaping wet pussy. Paul then would shove his cock to my cervix and Mark would pull his cock almost out of my asshole.

They both fucked me so good. I moaned the entire time while my pussy got wetter and wetter.

"Yes, yes, switch holes now, please!" I begged them. "Please switch holes, I want you both to know what both my holes feel like."

Mark took his dick out of my ass and put it in my pussy while Paul was still inside of my pussy. Both of their huge cocks were filling up my pussy hole and my eyes started to roll in the back of my head.

"Oh, my, fucking, GOD! YES! YES! Fucking my pussy, both of you, fuck my wet pussy!" I couldn't help but be the dirtiest slut for them. As they were both fucking my pussy I felt myself about to cum.

"Keep fucking me, I'm about to cum. Don't stop fucking my pussy you guys!" I screamed and they thrusted one big hard slam into my pussy and I squirted all over them and the bed.

"OOOHHH SHIIITTT!!!" I screamed as I was squirting a waterfall of pussy juice everywhere.

"Fuck yea slut cum for us!" One of them yelled out to me.

Paul took his dick out of my pussy and slid it right into my ass.

"Time to let daddy feel this pretty asshole" Mark was still fucking my now wetter then ever pussy as Paul started thrusting in my asshole.

"Fuck your asshole feels just as good as your wet pussy"

They started fucking me in the rhythm again and harder and harder. They both slammed their giant dicks so hard in each of my holes.

"Where do you want us to cum, slut?"

"Please, please cum in both of my holes!!"

"Fuck yea, naughty girl"

"You want us to fill both your holes?"

"Yes, please fill me up! I want to go to sleep with both of my holes filled!" I begged for them cum until I heard them both moan load at the same time.

"Ahhhhhh!!" they both let out.

"Fuuuucck we're cumming!"

I felt my holes instantly fill up with hot sticky loads of cum. They pulled their dicks out at the same time and cum dripped out of both of my holes onto my legs and thighs. I layed their motionless. In complete ecstasy and total shock of what I just went through.

"That was the best sexual experience of my life" I admitted to them as they were putting back on their clothes

"I would have to agree" laughed Paul

"Me too!" Mark high fives Paul and they both look at me. I didn't want this to end awkward so I told them both I had to get to bed early for my shoot tomorrow.

"Thanks so much for inviting us over!" Mark hugged me on his way out

"Yea, it was super fun" Paul hugged me.

"Thanks guys!! Hope you have a good week!"

They left and I locked the door. Rolled another blunt and went to bed. What an amazing night.

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