Cheating Neighbor

Ah, another sleepless night lying in my bed. I need to get a life. I live the same routine every day. I wake up, go to work, and go home. Every night is the same, I lay in bed and look at the ceiling until I fall asleep. Tonight I really cannot sleep. I get up to go to the computer to scroll through social media. Blah, so boring. It's all the same. People complaining about politics and not so funny memes. Maybe I will just go lay back down. When I was about to log off a message pops up. What the heck, it's my neighbor? I have never spoken to him before aside from the occasional hello when we happen to be checking the mail at the same time. I wonder what he wants. I open the message.

"Hey" is what the message said. Hey? What do you want?

"Hi" I responded

"You're up late."

"Yea, I can't sleep. You are too."

"My wife went to bed early and I can't sleep either."

This is a very boring conversation and I just want to know what he wants.

"Is there anything you need?" I finally asked

"Yea, why don't you come over?" I froze. Come over? But his wife is asleep? Why would I come over?

"Why? Didn't you say your wife is asleep? It's really late."

"Yea we can be quiet in the other room (;"

All of a sudden I feel my body get hot, my heart is starting to beat faster, my palms are sweating. He wants me to come over so he can cheat on his wife with me while she is asleep. I don't know what to say. A part of me knows it's wrong, but the other part needs some excitement in my life. I haven't had sex in months. This could be extremely hot if we pull it off. But it could be very bad if we get caught... very very bad.

"...." He wrote after a few minutes of me not responding.

Ah fuck it! "Sure, give me 10 minutes." I run to the bathroom and brush my teeth real quick. I go down stairs, grab my coat, and head out the door. As I am walking down the street to his house I get another message.

"Meet me in the back"

I sneak through his gate and into his back yard where he met me.

"Shh" He said with his finger over his lip as he grabbed me. He kissed me and pulled me through his back door.

"She's in the room down the hall" He whispered "we have to be quiet."

We started kissing and he put me on the couch. He stuck his dick in my mouth and looked down on me. I started sucking the tip of his dick, trying to be as quiet as I can. I sucked it soft and slow and used my hand to jerk what my mouth didn't touch. He was covering his mouth with his hand trying not to moan. I started going faster and harder. I slurped and moaned on his cock because I couldn't help it. He paused and looked down at me, "Shhh, she is a light sleeper" This is so fucking hot, my pussy is dripping wet. I slow down with my mouth and go slowly. Suddenly we hear a noise from the hallway. He takes his dick out of my mouth and grabs me off of the couch. He pulls me into his office and he sits on his chair and pushes me under his desk. He puts his dick in my mouth and I start sucking him off as he pretends to be on the computer. I hear a walk outside of his office door and the door opens. I pause with his dick deep in my throat.

"What are you doing up this late?" I heard his wife say

"I am just getting some work done on the computer" He replied as he pushed my head deeper down on his hard cock. "I will be in bed soon."

"Okay, try to be quiet. I heard something and it woke me up." She said as she closed the door.

"Damn that was close" he whispered.

He pulls me up from under his desk. I pull up my dress and pull my panties to the side. He sits my wet pussy on his cock. He is sitting in his chair and I wrap my arms around his neck and start grinding my tight pussy on his throbbing dick. We start kissing and I start grinding harder. My pussy is getting so wet, I can feel it drip all over our bodies. My pussy juice is covering our stomach and thighs. The harder he kisses me, the harder I grind his cock. He grabs my hips and slams me on his dick. I bounce up and down making sure every inch of his dick was touched by my wet pussy. My pussy is dripping down his cock and balls. Then he yanks me off of his dick, turns me around, grabs my head and bends me over his computer desk. He slides his dick into my eager warm pussy and starts slamming his dick into me. I can feel every inch of him go in and out. He is fucking me so hard I can feel his balls slap against my clit. As he is fucking me doggy he has his hands over my mouth so I cannot make a sound. His grip is tight around my face and his dick is as deep as it could get in my pussy.

"Take this fucking dick" he whispered in my ear. My eyes start to roll in the back of my head and my pussy is getting wetter the deeper he fucks me. I can feel my pussy muscles wrap around his cock as I am about to squirt all over him. He fucks me harder.

"I can feel your pussy getting wetter." He said in my ear again. "Make that pussy cum for me" as he said that, he fucks me even harder and deeper. My clit is throbbing and I am about to soak his entire office. As I was about to cum I try to mumble through his hands over my mouth. "That's it slut, cum for me, cum for me" It was those words that made me squirt all over him. He digs his dick deep into me and squeezes my face harder so none of my screams can echo through his house.

"Fuck, you made a fucking mess!" I couldn't tell if he was mad or turned on. He pushed me down to my knees and told me to clean up his mess. I start to suck his cock hard. Using both of my hands and lots of tongue. I go faster and faster until I feel his dick pulse in my mouth.

"Thats it, make me cum. Swallow my load" He said as he pushed my head down on his dick. Then I felt my throat fill up with hot sticky cum. It stuck to the walls of my throat as I struggled to get it down. I swallowed every drop he gave me. After he drained his balls into my throat he took his dick out and fell down on his computer chair.

"Wow!" He said very quietly. "That was so fucking hot!"

"Yea, it was"

He grabbed my hand and we creeped through his house to his back door.

"Thanks for that." He said as he opened the door. "We should do it again some time." He gave me a kiss on the cheek and I walked back home. Now that was exactly what I needed.

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