Sex in the big city

Ah, finally, I am on my own. I just moved from my small town in Idaho to beautiful New York City. I was meant for the city life. After all, my dream is to be on Broadway. My studio apartment may not be in the best neighborhood and my rent might be 4 times what it was in Idaho, but it will all be worth it. When I make it big, it will all be worth it. But for now, I am a bartender at a dive bar down in the city. The customers aren't bad and the tips are pretty good. My boss isn't a jerk and the other bartenders tend to stick to themselves. It hasn't been a bad 5 months. Everything is going pretty well except I haven't met anybody yet. The only interactions I have are at work and I haven't connected with anybody yet. I am not looking for anything serious, just a friendship. Somebody other than my cat to talk to. I am not worried about it, I work in a very social environment. I am sure I will make a friend soon.

I wake up from my day dream and rinse the rest of the conditioner out of my hair and turn off the water. It's time to get ready for work. It's 6pm and my shift starts at 6:30. Shit, I am late. No time to do a full face of makeup tonight. I put on some mascara and foundation, add a little gel to my hair, put on a pair of black tight shorts and a white tank top, pair it all with some black Doc Martins, and I am out the door. I called for a taxi before I got in the shower. It takes forever to get one in the city. The taxi is waiting outside of my building and I hop in and head to work.

It's Friday so tonight is going to be a good night. The bar has all different types of customers. Every race and religion, some rich, some poor, locals, and tourists. I clock in and head out to relieve my coworker of her shift. Work is going great and after an hour I notice a handsome gentleman sitting by himself. He is average height, dark hair, dark eyes, with a well maintained haircut and beard. As I am checking out his biceps I notice that his suit is expensive. I walk up to him with a big smile and ask him if he has been helped. He looks back at me and says he has not. "What can I get you tonight?" I ask. With a cute smirk he says, "I'll have whatever I am buying you."

"Ah, I am sorry, I can't drink on the job."

"That's a shame, but that just means I am going to have to take you for a drink when you get off."

Was that an invitation for a date? He is extremely good looking and I am desperate for some human interaction off the clock.

"Sounds good to me." I said to him as I handed him his shot, "I'll take care of you until then."

He stayed at the bar my entire shift. After his first shot he ordered soda for the night and told me he wanted to wait until our fun. The good thing about New York is nothing ever sleeps. Bars are open all night. When I get off, the party begins! My entire shift I spend flirting with him in between other customers. Making jokes and laughing. Finally after 6 hours, my shift was over. He tells me he will meet me out front with a taxi. I freshen up in the bathroom and meet him out front.

We hop into the taxi and he tells me we are going to a bar a few blocks away. We get to the bar and he starts buying me drinks. This is the first person I have had a real connection with. He was smart, funny, good looking, and he seemed like a real nice guy. He told me he works for Wall Street and work can be stressful so he likes to go to the bars once a month. One shot turns into two and two turns into five. Before you know it we are stumbling back into the taxi.

"So where are we continuing this party?" he slurs as he helps me into the cab.

At this point, I like this guy, and I haven't had sex in over a year. I am long overdue and the alcohol has me hornier then usual. I felt my panties get a little wet when he asked the question.

"How far do you live from here?" I say and we look at each other for a brief moment.

"I only live about 10 minutes away."

"Well, let's bring the party there!" He tells the cab driver the address and we head over. The entire time I am in the cab I am thinking about his dick. I am fantasizing about how big it probably is. How it's probably nicely trimmed just like his face. I have been craving sex more than I knew.

The taxi stops and we are in front of some swanky lofts in the city. He opens the door and I tumble out. Yikes, I am a lot more drunk than I thought I was. I some how manage to tumble up his stairs and into his gorgeous loft. It's big and spacious and has a modern feel to it. He grabs my hand into the kitchen and offers me a drink.

"Yes, please!"

He pours another shot of whisky.

"To us!" he yelled as he put his shot glass in the air. We cheered and gulped our shot.

"Phew, that one hit!" he slammed his hands on the counter.

I walk over to him and I wrap my hands around his waste and I look at him. He stairs back at me and then kisses me hard. We start making out, using lots of tongue. I am pulling off his jacket and he is unzipping my shorts. He guides me to his living room and puts me on the couch. I take off my clothes as he unzips his pants and takes them off. I can see his big bulge through his briefs. My pussy is getting so wet thinking about how hard he is through his tight underwear. I pull down my panties and puts his head between my legs and starts eating my pussy. His tongue feel so good. He presses it hard and firm on my clit and my pussy starts leaking. He rolls his tongue around some more on my clit before slurping up the juices flowing out of my pussy. He swirls his tongue around the inside of my tight hole and licks all of my cream out from the inside of my pussy. He moves his tongue slowly down to my asshole, gives it a tease, and moves back up to my clit. Flicking my clit with his tongue, he slowly slides one finger into my pussy. He hooks his finger and starts pressing on my g-spot. The harder he fingers my pussy the harder he presses his tongue into my clit and flicks it. I am soaked. He slides another finger in me and starts fingering me harder. My pussy is throbbing, I can feel it tightening around his fingers. I am getting wetter and wetter. He goes harder and harder until I can't take it anymore and I cum all over his fingers and mouth. My pussy juices are covering him. I can feel the cum sliding down my legs and all over him. He takes his fingers out, moves his mouth back down to my pussy, sucks out all of my cum, then licks his fingers clean. I am seeing stars and I can't even begin to process what just happened.

Before I can take a second thought he lifts me up and kisses me. He holds the back of my head and tells me to taste my cum off of his lips and fingers. I am slurping his mouth and licking his fingers clean. He calls me a good girl and tells me to return the favor. I look at him and smile. "Yes, daddy."

I get on my knees and hold his hard cock. He is 7.5 inches and thick. His veins are popping out and its throbbing in my hand. I can tell he wants to fuck me so bad, and I am going to make him want me even more after I suck his dick. I start with the tip and lick it lightly while looking at him in his eyes. He is holding the back of my head very gently and looking back down at me. I start sucking the tip and slowly stroke his shaft. With every stroke I move my mouth lower down his dick. He doesn't know about my deep throat skills and I am going to show him. I get lower and lower with my wet mouth until I make his dick disappear down my throat. His light moans are so hot and they're making my pussy wetter. I am looking up at him and his eyes are rolling in the back of his head. The pleasure on his face is making me want to suck his dick better. I start using lots of tongue and using both of my hands to stroke it. I am getting sloppy and I'm using my spit as lube. Rubbing my spit all and around his hard dick. I start stroking it and I move down to his balls. As I am stroking his dick and sucking his balls his legs start to shake. He moans and begs me to stop because he is going to cum. I slowly stop and start teasing his dick. There is so much precum leaking from his tip. I play with it with my fingers before putting it in my mouth and swallowing it. I smile and tell him I love the taste of his precum. He lets out a yell and tells me to get on the couch.

I lay back on the couch with my legs spread open looking at him eagerly. I want his dick inside of my pussy so bad that my clit is starting to hurt.

"You want this cock baby?" He whispers in my ear while he lays on top of me.

"Please, please, give it to me." I moan back.

He starts to rub his uncovered dick on my clit, at this point I don't care if we use a condom or not. I just want him inside of me. I wrap my arms around his neck, pull him closer to me, and tell him to stop fucking around and stick his dick inside of me. He pushes it harder against my clit and I grab it and shove it in my eager pussy.

"Ahhhh" we both let out huge moans.

He starts slowly stroking his hard dick into my wet pussy. My warm soft walls are wrapping around it tight. With every stroke my pussy gets wetter and his dick gets harder. He goes faster and faster. I am gripping on his back and trying not to scratch him.

"Fuck your dick feels so good!" I couldn't help but yell out.

"Yea baby? You like this dick inside of you?"

"Yes, please give me more, I need more!"

"Ima fuck you until you cum all over my dick!"

He starts going faster and my pussy starts to drip pussy juice. It's dripping down his balls and onto our legs. "Damn girl, your pussy is so wet for me. I want that cum all over my cock" He takes his dick out and turns me over into a doggie position. He rams his dick into my pussy and starts fucking me hard. He is going harder and harder making me scream loud.

"Fuck fuck fuck please don't stop you're going to make me cum!" I yell as he is slamming his dick into me.

"Yes baby that's what daddy wants, cum all over his dick, cum for me. Soak my dick with all of your pussy juice"

He is slamming his raw dick so hard into my pussy that I feel his big balls slap against my clit. My pussy starts to tighten again, it's getting extremely wet, and I start to cum.

"Oh my God I am cumming!" I scream while my pussy is pulsing on his cock squirting pussy juice all over him.

"Fuck yea girl, give me that cum, soak my fucking dick."

"Thank you, baby! Thank you! You made me cum so hard, thank you!" I don't know why I started thanking him but I came so hard I didn't know what to say.

He takes his dick out, stuck his tongue deep into my mouth, looks at me and says, "You're welcome, now come here and return the favor"

Without hesitation I clean my cum off of his dick with my wet mouth. I suck his dick up and down while stroking him. I look him deep into the eyes and beg him for his cum. "Please give me your cum, I want it so bad. I been a good girl, please give it to me."

I stroke it harder and harder and he lets out a loud moan and says he is cumming. I open my mouth wide and wait for it to hit my tongue. His throbbing dick starts shooting a huge load and I swallowed every single drop of his warm sticky cum. I suck the tip of his dick hard to make sure I get every last drop of his cum. I wipe my mouth clean and smile at him.

"Wow that was fucking amazing" he said while he plopped on the couch. "I am going to have a good night sleep tonight." he laughed.

"Yea, that was the best sex I ever had and you're the first guy I hooked up with since I've lived in New York." He looks over and says, "huh, well I am glad to have taken your virginity."

I get up from his couch and he calls me a cab. I arrive home in bliss. That was the best sex I've ever had. I really needed it. Then I realized.. I don't even know that guys name.

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