Dating App Hookup

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

Swipe. Swipe. Swipe. Is there no good looking guy in this town? Things were pretty tough for me in the city so I moved to a town a couple hours away. I am staying with my friend from college, but she is a bore. She has a boyfriend and never wants to go out. I need to get out of this house and get fucked! I know that sounds pretty forward but it has been months! I signed up for this dating app but so far, nothing good. Swipe. Swipe. Just as I was about to give up someone caught my attention. Hmm, he looks pretty cute. His profile name says "Kyle". He looks in shape and has sandy blonde hair. He is pretty hot, actually. I read through his profile and it says he is 6 foot. Oh, tall. I like that! Also says he is not looking for anything serious. Perfect. Someone who will fuck me and never contact me again. I sent him a message and within a minute he sent one back.

"Hi!" I said to him first.

"Well, hello there beautiful." was his response. Boring. I'm not really into this small talk over an app so I just got to it.

"Would love to get to know you!" I sent the message over. "Maybe we can get together tonight?"

"Tonight? Ok, sounds good!" He gave me his number and I texted him my address. He is going to pick me up at 8pm. I'm not really sure how I am going to play this out. I don't want to have dinner and get to know this guy. I really just need to be fucked and sent on my way. We will see how this plays out.

8pm comes around and he is a little late. I freshen up a little more and wait for him. Finally, he is here. I go outside and he is waiting in a black BMW. Nice. I get inside the car and give him a big smile and a hug. "Hi! Nice to meet you!"

"Nice to meet you too!" He said. "So I made reservations at this really nice place. I think you're going to like it!" He puts his car in drive and takes off. Ugh, great. Not only do I not want to go on this date but I really don't like places where you have to make a reservation. As he pulls off he starts to make small talk again. He asks me where I am from, what I do, blah blah the same ol. I just want to be fucked. If I want to save myself from agony, I have to be straight forward. I cut him off in the middle of his sentence, "Hey... uh."

"Oh, what's up?" He said, looking a little puzzled.

"Look, I have to be straight with you. I really just want to get fucked. Can we skip the date and just get too that?"

He looked extremely surprised. "Am I being pranked?" He laughs.

"No, not at all."

"Oh, ok. Well. Uh. Do you want to turn around and go back to your place?"

Shit, I don't want him at my place. I don't want him on my furniture or on my bed. No, I don't want you at my place.

"Um, I am sorry. We can't go to my place, what about yours?" I asked

"Can't, my roommate is home." Fuck. It was silent for a moment before he said, "There is a park around the corner... we can park there..."

He is a naughty one. This is going to be fun. "Yea, let's go there."

We pull into the park parking lot and he puts the car in park. Without hesitation I grab his face and start making out with him. I grab his hand and I put it on my tit from the outside of my dress. I am rubbing his crotch through his pants and I can feel him getting hard. He starts to take my bra off and he pulls my dress down from my shoulders. He starts to lick my nipples and sucked my entire tit. He is gripping the other one with his other hand and my pussy is starting to get wet. I am moaning and grabbing his hair. I start to grind my pelvis on his leg and I unzip his pants. I roll into the backseat and I pull him with me. I pull him on top of me and he takes his pants off. My dress is wrapped around my stomach and my tits are exposed. He slides my panties to the side and starts to lick my clit. As he lightly licks my clit I reach for his cock and start stroking his shaft. I feel him getting harder in my hand. He sticks his two fingers inside of my pussy and starts to finger me as he sucks my clit. It feels so good I start to moan and stroke his dick harder. My pussy is getting so wet that I'm covering his mouth in my pussy juice. He stops eating my pussy and straddles over my face. He sticks his hard throbbing dick into my my mouth and it slides down the back of my throat. I am laying on my back and he starts to fuck my face. He reaches back and he sticks his fingers back into my pussy and starts fingering me hard.

"Thats right, suck my dick" He said under his breath, fingering me harder. I am gagging on his cock and my eyes are starting to water. I am choosing his dick over breathing. He takes his dick out and puts his pussy juice covered fingers into my mouth and tells me to taste myself. I start to suck his fingers and he leans into my ear and says, "Lets go on the slide" He sticks his dick inside of my pussy for the first time, lifts me up, and carries me to the slide. He lays me on my back with his dick still in my pussy and starts to slide it in and out. My pussy is so wet I can feel it dripping on the slide. He kisses me hard and starts to fuck me faster. I wrap my legs around his back and thrust my pelvis on his cock. He is fucking me faster and I am grinding harder on him. We're both moaning and gripping each others face and hair. He puts my legs over his shoulders and starts to fuck my pussy deep. He is so deep I can feel him in my stomach.

"Fuck you're so deep. Keep going, keep fucking me!" I said out loud. I hope nobody hears us. He slams his cock into my pussy and pins me down so I can't move. We're looking at each others face. I can see his eyes rolling back and he is biting his lip. I tell him I am about to cum. He fucks me harder. "Cum for me. Cum all over this big dick" After he said that I squirted all over him and I felt his cum squirt inside of my pussy. It was so warm and thick. My cum and his cum filled my pussy. Wow. He took his dick out and an entire cream pie dripped out of my pussy and onto the slide. I adjust my panties and pull my dress up. He runs back to the car and for a second I thought he was going to leave me. But I remembered his pants were in there and he was standing outside without any pants. I follow him back into the car and get inside.

"Wow, that was EXACTLY what I needed" I told him.

"Yea?" He was breathing heavy still. "Glad I could help. So you want to go to that dinner now?"

"Oh, about that." Damn, I feel bad. "Actually can you take me home? I have to get up early for work."

"Uh, sure no problem." He seemed a little sad. "We will eventually though right?" I laughed in my head. Absolutely not. Unless I need another booty call.

"Of course!" I lied. He drove my home and his cum dripped out of my pussy the entire way. I was very satisfied. What an incredible night. Now to go home and cuddle with my cat.

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